Lolita costume Lolita dress development

Lolita comes from the Russian-born American famous writer abokov (Vladimir Nabokov) published in 1955’s “Lolita”, after STANLEY Kubrick (Stanley kubeick) adapted into a film of the same name “a Book pear pressure Begonia”, described a middle-aged professor and 12 age girls not Fallon love, actress named lolita.In 1997, the movie “Lolita” to be remade, in Japanese popular, Harajuku Street started court Doll Fashion trends.Since then, Japanese “Lolita” innocent and lovely girl derivative became synonymous with the girls under the age of 14, called “Lolita”, referred to as the “loli”.

Black Circle Flowers Lolita Short Sleeves Knee-length Dress

Black Circle Flowers Lolita Short Sleeves Knee-length Dress

Lolita clothing basic origin and seventeenth Century aristocracy emerged in the wind of Vitoria.

The queen of England under the direction of the prevailing in Vitoria, lots of lace, ribbon, bow and waist design, show a female special, created the elegant image.While the Japanese cartoonist Nan the Mada is lets the Lolita fashion of the greatest hero.In 80 she’s creation of the “kissxxxx” is the story of a rock and roll band comic.Band in a member’s girlfriend always dressed like a doll.She is very cute and take care of the band.

This later, many visual artists have their own style, here we have to mention a man: malice mizer band members — mana, he was proposed by EGL (elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (elgant Gothic aristocrat) the 2 names.It is an almost not survival but not death, not live alive, have a sleep forever. ~ in particular, mana is a male, although the legend has almost no one saw him Mens……–b……He also has his own clothing brand mol-meme-moitie (first Lolita stores in Japan circa 1976).

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