New Arrived Sweet Lolita Dresses

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Hello everybody, I am coming again, and today I will share something new sweet dresses with you. The weather is becoming hotter and hotter, and the dresses may help you feel cool and better, and it can make you look very beautiful at the same time. So next I will share three dresses with you, and hope you will like it.

The first one is Princess Sweet Rainbow Seven Colors Multilayer Lolita Dress. This one is very colorful, andthe ruffle decoration make it very sweet, besides, it has four colors, which makes it so special.



The second one is Summer Cool Sky Blue and Pink Chiffon and Cotton Square Neck Long Sleeves Swe…, this one is a little like our gothic style dress of the plain black one, but it is blue and pink, which makes it so vigorous and fresh, and it is so cute at the same time.



The last one is Black Cotton Round Neck Feifei Sleeve Flouncing Sweet Lolita Dress. This one is also sweet one.

Some New Cosplay Wigs

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Hello everybody~  Summer is coming and the weather is hotter and hotter. But this still can not stop us to care for Llita and cosplay, right? So today I will share you some Cosplay wigs. I hope that this can make you interested in cosplay.

The first one is Naruto Uzumaki Spiky Cosplay Wig. This one is very hot all around the world.

hiangseThe second one is Black Butler Undertaker 100cm Cosplay Wig, this is really cool, right? I believe that  you will be amazing after wearing this wig.

yingseThe last one is Naruto Shippuden Sakura Haruno Cosplay Wig, this one appears in the same cartoon with the first one, which is very popular character all around the wrold.




The Very Popular Punk Lolita Dresses

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It is really nice week to meet you everybody again~ Today I will share something Punk Lolita dresses with you. Maybe most of you do not care about Punk  Lolita dresses instead pay attention to sweet Lolita dresses. But I am here to tell you that every style has its speciality, and charming. Even though Punk Lolita dresses do not have the element of cute, pure or other relative feelings, it has the feeling of elegant, arrogant, dark, sexy and so on.

The first one is Black Lace Straps Sleeveless Lace Trim Punk Lolita Dress, this style is really very pupular in punk Lolita dresses. Look at the photo, as punk stye usually in center on the color of  black, we do not often talk about its color. This dress has many number of plies of  lace, which makes this dress more plump and sexy, besides, this design of short in front and long in behind, which makes the dress look very different from other punk lolita dresses. In additon, this style also decorates with lace fower necklace and bracelet, which makes this dress more special.



The second one is Black Cotton Square Neck Ruffles Punk Lolita Dress. This style is also very special. This style is square neck, and the ruffles has many numbers of pies. And the round necklace makes this dress so charming and amazing, so if you wear this one to go for a paty, you will be a focus.


New Style Sweet Lolita shoes

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How are you everybody? It is really nice to share something again about Lolita with you. Now the weather is becomeing hotter and hotter, and this is the hight time for girls  wore dresses, as well as the shoes. You know beautiful dresses should match with the relative shoes, which will add more color to the whole felling. so today I will share some sweet Lolita shoes here, which are all very popular in our shop.

The first one is Elegant Cute PU Pink High Heel Bowknot Buckle Straps Lolita Shoes, the pink color will make you fall in love with it at the first sight. Look at the the front big knot, it is so charming that makes the shoes look more sweet.  Besides, this style is with a little high heel, which makesyou more elegant, yet it is quite cosy at the same thime.



The second one is very classic, Cute PU Black High Heel Bowknots Lolita Shoes. this style is rather popular, firstly, the black color can give you the feeling of the old age, and the style, every shoe has two knots, which stands from high to low. This style can make your feet look thiner and perfect.



The last one is Yellow and White Cute Bowknot and Lace PU Sweet Lolita Shoes. This is style is special. Because it  both has the element of  cute and fashion. Look at the color, yellow and white which is such a bright clolor couple. In addition, the lace border makes the shoes so cute.


Small Fresh Candy Color Dresses

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It is a new week again, immediately to Labor Day, the hot summer is coming, whether you want to put a beautiful summer dress, here we recommend several candy-colored dress for you.the first one is Cherry Cute Fairy Bow Lace Trim Floral Sweet Lolita Dress, Eating a bucket of ice cream in hot summer, unique ice cream printing with lace trim, if you feel cool,,360截图-19192281

the second one is Green Cotton Straps Sleeveless Lace Trim Fashion Lolita Dress, green cotton fabric with birds printing,,360截图-19192281

the third one is Cherry Print White Straps Sleeveless LaceTrim Fashion Lolita Outfits, it is white with cherry, and is simple and small fresh,,360截图-19192281

Still New Arrival Bags

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Hello, It is very glad to see you again, There is a good news that I will share with you. Our online shop has displays some kinds of lovely bags, you can find them on this websites, these bags still are cartoon and sweet, please follow me,

1.Vintage Rabbit Cartoon Sweet Lolita Bag,360截图-7891718

2.Lovely Lady Mint Green Embroidery Lolita Bag,360截图-7891718

3.Pink Sweet Rapunzel Fairy Tale Lolita Bag,360截图-7891718

4.Latest Princess Pink Girls Lolita Bag,360截图-7891718

5.Retro Cute Cat Cartoon Lolita Bag,360截图-7891718

New Arrival Special Dresses

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Hi dear, our little store have four arrival dresses, please follow me, they are all from chinese style, with unique printing, not only have sweetness, also have elegance and vintage, the first one is Unique Cotton Stand Neck Flaoral China Style Lolita Dress, modified cheongsam, along with traditional tassels and printing,,360截图-20364234

it also have another color,,360截图-20364234

The second is Red Cotton Square Neck Elbow Sleeve Splice China Style Lolita Dress, red and white spliced, with unique printing, has the elegant feeling,,360截图-20364234

The final one is Red Wine Square Neck Long Sleeves Printing China Style Lolita Dress, the colar is between red wine  and coffee, and is made from natural cashmere and uede,,360截图-20364234

New arrival sweet dresses with exclusive design oh

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Hi dear, happy new week, it rains here, do not know how the weather like in your city, let my share as the begin of you a nice day, today I will share you three similar dresses with different color, it is our exclusive design,the printing has cowboy and pastoral feeling, it has three color, red, green and blue, comfortable cotton fabric with metal buttons and black lace flouncing hem, please enjoy the dress pictures below, know more about them, please click this link,,



this is blue one,,1

next is green one,,1We also have similar skirts oh.

New Arrival socks

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Every woman has a dream of Lolita, is our inner vision, wearing beautiful princess lolita shoes with one pair of beautiful socks,  I want to share several Lolita socks with you. the first one is Alice Rabbit Retro Print Lolita tights Stockings, lovely alice and rabbit pattern and comfortable velvet,,1

the second is Lovely Black Fashion Pink Strawberry and Dot Lolita Knee Stockings, black cotton fabric with cute strawberry,,1

the third one is Lovely Bear Pattern Pink Fashion Knee Stockings, it is also comfortable cotton with bear balloon,,1